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On a wall in Dale’s office, there was a painting of a gyrating Josephine Baker, naked except for a pendulous skirt of bananas. “It’s a real leap of faith,” he

The Great Dane whose need for the toilet saved her master’s life: defused WWII bomb by urinating on it after it fell through family’s roof during the Blitz

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Me and my shadow: relieves himself on one of Banksy’s new NYC murals. The reclusive British graffiti artist has announced a month-long ‘residency’ in NYC

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Urolagnia (also urophilia, undinism, golden shower and watersports) is a form of salirophilia (which is a form of paraphilia) in which sexual excitement is associated

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Gina Divine isn’t a teen who can keep it clean. She feels free to make a mess of things and you can tell that the action is beginning when she climbs onto the table

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A wife of over thirty years agrees to satisfy her husbands desire to see her have sex with another man Read Katie Keeps Her Promise, free Erotic Fiction at

Lesbian slut in collegeteen outfit disciplined by teacher: Anna pees: Cute teen teen gets her knickers ripped off and spanked across her bare ass: Danish lass Denice

How to Hide That You Peed Your Pants. Peeing your pants in public can be very embarrassing. Some s and even adults have issues that make this a frequent problem.

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It was a slim charming blond in a coloured skirt. Her legs were beautiful and of course I couldn’t miss the posh chick! The draught helped me again, but this time it

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