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On June 11, 2008, Afghan counternarcotics agents discovered 260 tons of hashish, worth $260 million, buried in six-foot-deep trenches.

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You may or may not know about the LED grow light craze for marijuana growers. LED grow lights use less energy and generate much less heat than standard HID grow

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Pirate Pub Crawl. Ahoy Anchorage! Calling all pirates & scallywags for a night of adventure and glory on September 24, 2016! The Annual Pirate Pub Crawl is a fun

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Brash Londoner Julian Ponder, 43, left, is said to be the mastermind of a plot to smuggle £1.6million of cocaine in Bali, but seems strangely confident he won’t be

Two ren, a man aged 12 and a teen aged 11, got engaged recently in a massive celebration that had six belly-dancers cheering up the party and many singers

The Australian consulate in Bali is expected to visit the 48-year-old man arrested after Indonesian officials allegedly found hashish at his home.

See the different cannabis strain types and read about their characteristics. See the collection marijuana images

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The cannabis or Indian hemp (Canabis sativa indica) is a variety of the common hemp, a grassy plant with sticky leaves and female and male flowers located in

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