Awesome article packed with excellent ways to help ren with Autism interpret facial expressions and emotions. I can’t wait to try them.

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Tips for Drawing Facial Expressions. The Most Important Features. The Eyes – Probably the most important feature for evoking a clear emotion. Utilize the eyelids

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Fear of the unknown or irrational fear is caused by negative thinking which arises from anxiety. Many people are scared of the “unknown”. The irrational fear can

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The Dull Surprise trope as used in popular culture. A vague, wispy look given by a character in response to something that, theoretically, should produce a …

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What does a frown signify? That’s not so hard to figure out. Ditto for hands on hips or crossed arms. But not every example of body language is so easy to interpret

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The Seven Basic Emotions: Do you know them? Emotion, Science; 56 Comments; June 24th; Humintell’s scientifically validated, emotion recognition training tools

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Aug 05, 2015 · Facial burns vary from relatively insults to severe debilitating injuries. Over 50% of burn injuries involve the head and neck region and can be

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facial [fa´shal] pertaining to or directed toward the face. facial nerve the seventh cranial nerve; its motor fibers supply the muscles of facial expression, a

In this human behavior science project, the student will investigate how facial expressions convey emotions.

Emotion, in everyday speech, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.

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