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A description of tropes appearing in Digimon Adventure tri.. A direct sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 in celebration for the franchise’s …

Shoutmon is one of the main characters in Digimon Fusion. He is the founder of Mikey Kudo’s Fusion Fighters army, and his goal is to become king of the Digital World

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Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description V-Breath Arrow: ブイブレスアロー Bui Buresu Arō: V-Nova Blast/Vibeless Arrow: Shoots an arrow of blue-white heat

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This is a complete list of episodes from the series Digimon Data Squad. As it currently stands, Digimon Data Squad is the shortest series in the franchise to

Pokemon and Digimon have been compared since the day both franchises came onto the market. However when you get down to the core of how both franchises operate, it

The 51-episode series Digimon Tamers, produced by Toei Animation in 2001, is the third series in the Digimon franchise. It does not follow the plot of the

The second Digimon series, and the only direct sequel to another series, Digimon Adventure 02 is set three yearsnote The dub increased the Time …

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Watch Digimon Adventure tri. online. Stream episodes of Digimon Adventure tri. instantly.

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